Preparation for your surgery is important for optimizing your results, and for minimizing the chance of complications. We want you to have the best chance for success so we ask you to follow these instructions carefully.

We ask that you avoid aspirin and aspirin-like products for two or three weeks prior to surgery. Tylenol may be used. Please do not hesitate to call for any questions regarding your pre-op preparation.

Smoking is strictly prohibited as it will cause spasm of the blood supply resulting in partial or even total loss of your breast reconstruction flap.

Smoking can also increase lung complications relations after surgery. No smoking is permitted for 6 months post operatively. It’s also important to avoid being in the presence of smokers as this second hand smoke also causes decreased flap circulation.

Lab work is required before surgery and will be discussed with you in advance of the surgery to allow for a review of the results at least a week prior to surgery. Transfusions are usually not necessary. Kindly notify the office of any cold, cough or fever or other illness you may have in the week prior to surgery.

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