Neck Lift

Neck lift is performed to treated hanging skin and excess fat of the neck. Traditionally, neck lift, or lower facelift, is performed using incisions in front and around the back of the ear.  Usually, the neck lift is done as part of a facelift necessary to treat nasolabial folds, jowls, as well as excessively lax neck skin.


Importantly, many patients who have mild to moderate amounts of cheek jowls, hanging neck skin and fat, may be candidates for a LASER neck lift.  The Sidelaze LASER neck lift is a newer technique that is sometimes called the sutureless neck lift because it is performed using needle holes as access for the anesthetic solution, the LASER fibers, and liposuction cannulas, and no sutures are needed.


The Sidelaze LASER neck lift operating time is about an hour and general anesthesia is not necessary as the procedure is usually performed with the patient awake sedation, using a Valium pill, a Vicodin pill, and numbing the neck area with a local anesthesia of liposuction solution.  


Three access points are used. One under the chin and one on each side of the jawline. Each of these points is numbed with skin injection of each local anesthetic, then a needle hole is made painlessly with an 18 gauge needle. Using these holes, the liposuction numbing solution infiltrated into the skin and fat of neck area being treated.  The LASER fiber is then placed through the same holes and the LASER energy is applied to the fat, and then to the underside of the dermis, lower layer of the skin.  As  a result, the fat is vaporized, facilitating its liposuction, and the LASER energy stimulates the dermis to produce new collagen, causing the skin to continue to contract and to tighten further for another four to six months.  


Thus, the Sidelaze LASER is a sutureless neck lift, minimally invasive, and highly effective way to achieve neck contouring by vaporizing the fat, tightening the skin of the neck, and is combined with liposuction to remove excess fat in a single, brief procedure with a quick recovery time. The results are apparent immediately, and will improve over the next several months as the LASER treated dermis of the skin continues to thicken and tighten.  


To view our video demonstration of the procedure and it's results  

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