Our mommy makeover restorative cosmetic procedures to enhance your breasts, repair your abdomen, lessen stretch marks, and remove unwanted body hair following pregnancy are important because these physical improvements positively impact upon your emotional well-being, boost your self-confidence, and promote a positive body image.


During pregnancy, the size of your breast may have increased significantly and later they may have decrease in size, becoming smaller, sometimes even smaller than they were before pregnancy. In many cases, particularly following breast feeding, your breasts may be deflated and sagging.

During your pregnancy you will have gained weight, so that you now have more fat on your hips, thighs, and lower abdomen. This is “baby fat.”


Your abdomen had increased in size during your pregnancy causing your abdominal muscles to weaken and stretch out.

Sometimes a separation between the abdominal (rectus abdominis) muscles called a diastasis recti will occur.


Occasionally, a hernia of your abdominal wall may be present. These changes require surgery, such as an abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck to correct and restore the strength and integrity of your abdominal wall.


Modern restorative techniques have reduced the length and discomfort of recovery from these cosmetic procedures.

However, not all tummy tuck (abdominoplasties) are the same. Some abdominoplasties may remove only excess skin, some may also tighten the abdominal muscle wall, while others actually repair a separation (diastasis), or hernia of the abdominal wall.


Other consequences of pregnancy are striae, or stretch marks, and an increased amount of unwanted body hair. LASER treatments are available for these problems.


The procedure selected will depend upon your particular anatomy, and will be decided based on a thorough physical examination and discussion of your goals and the recommended options.

The Effects of Pregnancy on your Body

  • Breast enlargement followed by breast shrinkage and sagging

  • Stretching of the skin of the breasts and abdomen

  • Loss of skin elasticity of breasts and abdomen

  • Changes in skin color, usually hyper-pigmentation

  • Stretching and weakening of abdominal muscles

  • Development of resistant fat deposits on abdomen and hips

  • Development of unwanted body and facial hair

  • Development of spider veins

  • Changes in skin texture

  • Striae, or stretch marks

Congratulations, you have experienced life’s most exciting

and meaningful events:

pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood.

Now it’s time to focus on you, Now it’s your turn

Our restorative procedures and treatments can help you to reclaim  your pre-baby body!