Congratulations, you have experienced

life’s most exciting and meaningful events:

pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood.


Our restorative procedures and treatments can help you to reclaim  your pre-baby body!

Now it’s time to focus on you, Now it’s your turn

Mommy Makeover in New York City


Congratulations and Welcome to 


You have experienced life’s most exciting and meaningful events: pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood.  

Your body has changed in may ways as you proceeded through your pregnancy and the birth of your baby, and breastfeeding.  These changes of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood can exact a toll on you physically and emotionally. 

While some of these changes are transient, and improve with diet, exercise, rest, and stress relaxation, others, particularly physical changes, are not. These permanent changes require surgery for correction.

We will develop a customized plan to meet your needs, time, and budget.

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