A LASER is a device that emits a single wavelength of light. Each color has a specific wavelength that absorbs it.

We use this principle to treat unwanted dark hair by selecting a LASER that emits the wavelength of light that is absorbed by problem dark hair, and stops its growth.

It works by delivering an intense beam of light that is absorbed by the skin. This light is converted to heat and is absorbed by the cells being targeted, while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. Our laser has a skin-cooling device for greater patient comfort and safety – and better results. 

How many treatments are needed? 

While results vary for individuals, four to six treatments are recommended. Our experience shows the hair density is reduced almost completely after four sessions.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Safe and Effective Treatments for Permanant Reduction of Unwanted Hair


Permanent reduction of unwanted hair can be achieved by the use of special LASERS without the need for waxing or electrolysis. We are so confident in the safety and the effectiveness of our LASER technique that we offer a “patient satisfaction” program. Details of this program will be discussed during your consultation. In our experiences of over two decades we’ve found that a series of treatments is required for optimal results, and that the best candidates are men and women with light skin and dark hair.

Welcome to Laser Hair Removal Center of NY. Fredrick A. Valauri MD FACS, Medical Director of the LASER Hair Removal Center of NY is located on the upper east side of Manhattan in New York, New York, and serves men and women in the New York City area, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Westchester, Connecticut, and New Jersey, who want to remove, or reduce problem body hair including the face, ears, chest, armpits, axilla, arms, legs, bikini area without the need for electrolysis, or waxing. We have over 20 years of experience with LASER hair removal and have found it to be a safe and effective technique for permanent reduction and removal of unwanted and problem hair.


We are so confident in the safety and the effectiveness of our LASER technique for permanent hair reduction that we offer a “patient satisfaction” program.




What causes problem hair to grow?

Problem facial hair can result from hormonal stimulation, inherited traits, and medical conditions, such as polycystic ovaries.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Laser therapy is a safe, effective, and commonly used treatment, providing optimal results in areas such as the removal of unwanted hair skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, leg veins, or tattoos; and the treatment of acne. Read More 

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Safe and Effective Treatments

for Permanent Reduction

of Unwanted Hair

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