Welcome to Reconstructive Surgery Of New York, Reconstructive Surgery refers to restore his defects are normal.  Examples would be reconstruction of defects caused by removal of cancerous, defects caused by trauma, or birth defects.


Common reconstruction is the use of skin flaps to repair defects on the face that result from Moh's Surgery for skin cancers.  Flap repairs of the defects include local rotation, or advancement flaps of skin from the cheeks, or nose. Other flaps may be developed on the forehead and rotated down to the nose or eye to repair full-thickness skin defects in these areas.

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Other reconstructive procedures performed on the head and neck for cancer defects include restoration of the mandible with use of fibula free flaps often combined with placement of osteo-integrated dental implants.


Reconstruction of birth defects such as the absence of any ear can be accomplished by the use of a cartilage graft framework, or a prosthetic framework, covered by a temporalis fascia flap and skin grafts.

Cleft lip and palate are other examples of birth defects which are reconstructed with a variety of flap techniques.

Microsurgery is a technique where structures such as nerves and blood vessels are repaired with the use of micro sutures thinner than a human hair.  The technique is performed using microsurgical instruments which are modified jewelers instruments.  These procedures are carried out using operating loupe magnification, or the operating microscope.

Trauma such as the laceration of the facial nerve in the cheek can be reconstructed by microsurgical repair of the cut nerve.  This is accomplished by the use of the operating microscope and micro sutures and microsurgical techniques

Hand surgery includes not only surgery on the hand itself, but also to surgery performed on structures from the neck (brachial plexus) to the tip of the finger. Common hand surgeries include, lacerations of tendons and nerves in the hand and wrist, fractures of the hand and wrist, carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren’s contractures, trigger fingers, ganglion cysts, and infections of the tendon sheath. 

Microsurgical procedures for reconstruction of the hand include great toe to thumb transplants to restore a missing thumb, cutaneous and fascio-cutaneous free flaps to restore soft tissue deficits on the hand.  Other hand surgeries include treatment of brachial plexus injuries, nerve and tendon transfers to restore sensation and movement of the hand.

Another important example of reconstructive surgery is the restoration of a breast following mastectomy for Breast Cancer.  There are a variety of techniques to accomplish the reconstruction of the breast. Learn More 


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