LASER Body Contouring & Hair Removal

Introduction to LASERs


LASERs are powerful and versatile instruments used to safely and effectively treat a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery conditions. 


Each LASER emits a powerful beam of light energy at a specific wavelength, targeting a specific color, and therefore, can be directed at specific tissues such as fat, skin, hair follicles, or blood vessels. We offer a wide range of LASER treatments.


The Precision TX SideLaze LASER is used to tighten and lift lax neck skin. The Precision TX SideLaze LASER is also used to reduce hyperhidrosis (sweating) of the arm pits. 


The Smartlipo LASER both vaporizes fat and tightens skin during liposuction procedures for body contouring, and is also very effective for treatment of gynecomastia.


The Cellulaze LASER is used to reduce the appearance of cellulite by vaporizing fat, and causing the skin to thicken and tighten.


CO2 and Erbium Lasers, such as Fraxel, are used to resurface and renew aged, wrinkled skin.


The GentleLASE LASER helps to remove and permanently reduce unwanted hair.  GentleLASE is also used to treat spider veins and brown spots.