LASER treatment of acne scars

The Precision TX SideLaze LASER is effective in the treatment of deep facial acne scars. This is because LASER energy stimulates the production of collagen that thickens and smooths the dermis of the skin reducing the depth of the scars.

Acne Scars of the cheeks can be improved with a single Sidelaze treatment. Sidelaze LASER is performed under the skin so that there is virtually no healing time, minimal risk of scarring, of discoloration, or wound healing problem compared to conventional resurfacing LASERs applied to the outside of your skin. 

Sidelaze is directionally controlled LASER imparts a therapeutic amount of energy to the underside of the dermis of the skin that stimulates new collagen formation, thickens the dermis, and tightens the skin causing the pitted acne scars to flatten, become shallower, and less prominent.

This hour long procedure is performed under awake sedation technique, using a pain pill, a sedative pill and liposuction anesthetic solution instilled in the area treated.  The treatment is done via needle holes, through which Sidelaze LASER probe is passed, therefore, usually no sutures are needed. Patient are typically able to leave within a half hour of the completion of the procedure.

The improvement may be noticeable within days of the treatment and will continue to improve for four to six months.

Precision TX SideLaze LASER treatment of deep facial acne scars

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