Buttockplasty is a plastic surgery procedure to enhance the buttocks.  

This surgery is frequently sought by men and women who are unhappy with the size of their buttocks. Some feel their buttocks lack shape, while others want to have a more sensuous backside by making them larger and rounder.


While usually the patient wants to enlarge the butt, sometimes butt lift or butt reduction is desired.  Butt lifts are most often requested by patients with massive weight loss who now have hanging or ptotic buttocks.  The correction of the ptotic is usually accomplished as part of a belt lipectomy, or lower body lift.  Sometime the excess skin is used to auto-augment the now flattened buttocks in these patients.


Some patients have a disproportionately large buttocks relative to their torso, and request buttock reduction to improve their body symmetry.  The reduction procedures usually combine liposuction of the buttocks, and excision of buttocks skin and fat via an incision hidden in the crease between the buttocks and the posterior thigh.


For those patients who desire enlargement of their buttocks, there are several options. These include fat transplantation, brazilian butt lift, and buttock implant augmentation.


Auto-transplantation of fat is a very common technique for augmentation of the butt.   Fat is liposuctioned from the patient’s abdomen or flanks, then prepared for grafting and injected into the buttocks.


Buttock augmentation (butt implants), involves the surgical insertion of artificial implants under the skin and fat of the buttocks in order to enhance their size and shape.

Buttock implant augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that provides a solution for those who wish to enhance there back side. Implants placed in the buttocks are comprised of a silicone shell filled with a firm, but flexible material, typically silicone.


These implants are designed to maintain a natural feel to the buttocks. However, types of implants used may vary.