Developmental breast deformities such as narrow-based tuberous breasts, breasts with herniated areolae, asymmetry of the size and shape of the breasts, or of nipple areola complexes, may cause deep psychological problems in young women, and disturb their social relationships.


A customized corrective breast surgery based on patient's anatomy, will be recommended.  These surgical options may include flaps with or without use traditional breast implants, or may be combined with expander-implants that permit gradual augmentation of a small breast.  The improved the appearance and symmetry of the breasts will permit a more normal fitting of clothing.  

Autologous fat injection is the use of your own fat, harvested from your abdomen or thighs, and injected into the breast to enlarge it's size, and improve it's contour in some cases of asymmetry.

Breast Deformity