Facial Cosmetic Surgery, and Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

Each feature of the face must be appreciated as contributing to the overall appearance of the face such that changing one feature will make important differences in the entire face.  

Facial profile is altered by rhinoplasty (nasalplasty), lip enhancement, and chin implants.  

Frontal facial appearance is changed by browlift, eyelidplasty, nasal tip-plasty, nasal ala-plasty, cheek and lip augmentation with filler such as Juvederm, facelift, necklift, and Botox to soften unwanted wrinkles.

Therefore, a global approach to evaluation of the patient’s concerns is necessary to proper planning of cosmetic facial surgery.  Additionally,  strategies for these surgeries consist of a variety of approaches, and combination of procedures should be considered based on the patient’s anatomy, and moderated by the patient’s time, budget and goals.


The results of the surgery must not only be to make the improvement sought by the patient, but also to achieve harmony among the elements of the face after the surgery.