What is Cellulaze?

Cellulaze is a LASER that treats all of these structural problems of Cellulite in one procedure.


Cellulite is the dimpled uneven appearance of the surface of your skin.


Cellulite isn’t a fat problem.  It is a structural problem due to the thin skin, fat pushing up from the underside of the skin, and fibrous bands beneath the skin that are pulling the skin down.


Studies Indicates that:


Due to its skin tightening effects, the Cellulaze LASER is helpful in treating patients having liposuction. It may also be helpful in reducing the need for skin excision in treating patients having gynecomastia surgery Read More.


Because its skin tightening and dermal thickening effects, the Cellulase/Precision TX SideLaze LASER may be useful for treatment of deep facial acne scars, and stretch marks Read More. 


The Cellulaze/ Precision TX SideLaze LASER may be a helpful treatment for hyperhidrosis, or excess sweating of the armpits Read More.

First the Cellulaze LASER vaporizes and reduces the bulging fat pockets.

Next the fibrous bands that tether the skin and cause dimpling are divided and vaporized by the Cellulaze LASER. 

The Cellulaze LASER energy is then applied to the underside dermis to thicken the skin and increase skin elasticity.

How does Cellulaze works to treat cellulite? 

Cellulaze stimulates an increase of the skin’s thickness, treats the bulging fat, and releases the tethering fibrous bands.

What are the advantages of Cellulaze?

  • Only Cellulaze directly treats the structure of cellulite

  • One simple treatment procedure

  • Proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite

  • Results that last

  • Produces healthier skin

  • 93% patient satisfaction

Cellulaze Reduces The Appearance
Of Cellulite in Just One Treatment

Cellulaze of the neck and arms can be done at the same procedure setting in a certified office OR using oral, awake sedation and liposuction solution for anesthesia.


The neck has the very predictable and good results.   The arm tightening varies depending on how loose the skin is, particularly if fat is removed, making the skin envelope looser.  But with that said, does achieve improvement of the arms.


Each procedure is about 1 1/2 hours individually, and about 2 1/2 hours when combined as the set up is already for the second procedure. Post of soreness treated with plain tylenol is the norm.  Elastic garments are used for 3 weeks.  


You can remove the neck garment when at work, and wear it at night.  Bruising is usually lasts a week, and is usually modest.  You should avoid sun during the three week recovery period while bruising is present.  


Skin tightening will be event in the first week but continues for 4-6 months.  Generally, no sutures are used, therefore no suture removal needed.  You can fly after 3-5 days but avoid lifting luggage, etc.