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Fat Injections

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 As people age, the fullness of their faces tends to change from round "babyface" to a thinner or more oval shape as the fat in some facial areas decreases.  Wrinkles and jowls  develop as the skin and subcuntaneous tissues age,  because the skin beomes lax, and these tissues descend.

The treatments for rejuvenation and improvement of these problems includes the use of  fat injections.  This procedure involves the use of a cannula to remove  fat cells are from one part of your body and then inject them into the areas to be treated.

Among the commonly fat injected areas are the eyebrows, cheek bones, nasolabial folds, marionet lines or creases at the corners of the mouth, and hollows of the jawline.  By filling in these areas a more youthful appearance can often be achieved.

Fat cells are able to be harvested under local anesthesia and transplanted as fat grafts to fill and improve defects, wrinkles, and to enhance contours of  your face.

Importantly, unlike most fillers, fat cells are your own tissue, and much of the injection will "take" as a graft to become permanantly located where they are placed.



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